Another redesign, back to WordPress – doesn’t the site look fab 😂 Will it get any new content? Who knows.

FTTC finally installed

After years of waiting and campaigning, and a few false starts, it’s finally installed!

Why bother?

Why do I continue to have this website? I clearly can’t be bothered to think up anything to put on it, and, looking back, everything on it is cringeworthy 😀

School 2017

Yet another first day of school rolls around, so here’s the customary photo:

Anna P4

Remembered again – here is Anna starting Primary 4. And I remembered to have the grass cut this year 😎

Chicken on the Weber

I got the chance to try out my Weber Poultry Roaster, which I have had for very nearly a year – got it for my birthday last May!

New camera

I’ve finally upgraded my ageing Canon EOS 400D up to a 600D. Not new, but newer.

Anna P3

Keeping up the theme is first-day-of-school photos, here is Anna starting Primary 3.