I am a software developer living near Glasgow, Scotland, and currently for iomart. I enjoy designing and running the platforms that execute my code almost as much as writing it. Nowadays, that is referred to as DevOps. For web/server stuff, I mainly use Go, with some Java, PHP and Python. For Windows development, C# is about the only option. I have iOS apps in the App Store written in Swift, and I have played with Android a few years back.

I used to be involved in the Openstack project, havingĀ made some small contributions to Swift as well as running an installation of it. I also attended the first five design summits.

Outside of work, I enjoy days out with the family and taking photos. But mostly, taking photos šŸ˜‚

I try my best not to get political wherever possible, but I support digital rights, am totally against the Named Person nanny state. I also like a good fight with North Lanarkshire Council.

Contact me on KeybaseĀ (just to verify, my key fingerprint isĀ 3DD3 27D2 51FA 7D61). Or Twitter, but Keybase is way cooler. Or Signal if you know my phone number.